Dog abandoned with a blanket refuses to leave, hoping her family will come back and finally realized what her family had done to her.


One day, a Dallas family was packing up to move to a new town. Their dog had no idea she’d wouldn’t be moving with them. Just before the family left their home for the last ever time, they took their dog and a bunch of belongings to an alleyway. The family dumped the belongings on the ground and told the dog to stay there.

Confused, the dog watched as her family members all got into a truck and drove off. The dog was sad, but she hoped that they would come back soon. So she lay on a blanket that they had thrown into the alleyway, the smell reminding her of them. An entire day passed, and the dog’s family hadn’t returned. Luckily, there was water near the blanket but no food. The dog was getting hungry but still waited. Luckily, Marina Tarashevska, the cofounder of Dallas DogRRR, arrived on the scene. She saw the sad dog in the alleyway, still clinging to the blanket and shivering from being out all night.

Then, when Marina approached the dog, she ran away. So Marina backed off, and the dog came back out and sat on the blanket again. It looked like the dog would be tough to rescue. Then Marina came up with a plan. Marina pulled the blanket closer to her car. When Marina went out of sight, the dog sat back on the blanket. So Marina moved the blanket a little closer and a little closer, closing the gap between the blanket and her car every time. Eventually, the dog was close enough for Marina to quickly grab ahold of. Soon, the dog was back at the rescue, safe for the first time in her life.

Marina named the dog Camilla. But when she first saw that the people were giving her some food, she felt a little better. After eating her first meal in over a day, Camilla tried to rest in her strange new environment. Camilla curled up in a ball at the back of the crate. Clearly, the animal was depressed. She finally realized what her family had done to her.


She remained terrified of all of the humans at the shelter. If anyone touched her, then she would freeze with fear.
Also, Camilla had wounds on her neck and ears. So the shelter took her to a vet. The vet said that the dog had probably worn the same collar since being a puppy, which then embedded itself into her neck.
The wounds from the embedded collar were so bad that Camilla needed surgery. Luckily, the surgery was a complete success.

Next, the shelter volunteers had to show her love. It wasn’t easy, but as Camilla’s neck injuries healed, she slowly grew to appreciate the people that were looking after her.
Eventually, Camilla had physically and emotionally recovered so much that she could go to a foster home. Of course, Camilla was scared to be in this new environment at first. But she soon formed a connection with the humans there, who treated her with the love that she had always deserved.
Camilla was even seeking out her foster mother and asking to be pet. She has also begun to snuggle with her.

Of course, Camilla can never forget her initial neglect and abandonment. But she is starting to realize that she has a happy future.

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