Elderly Woman Could Not Afford To Cut Her Grass, So These Kind Men Told Her They Would Regularly Mow For Free


Elderly Woman Could Not Afford To Cut Her Grass, So These Kind Men Told Her They Would Regularly Mow For Free

One lawn at a time, Terrence Stroy and Rodney Smith Jr. are assisting the less fortunate. An elderly woman who had medical bills and medicine expenses was unable to pay her neighbor for lawn-mowing services after she was discharged from the hospital. She claimed that once she terminated his service, he became angry and began pestering her for the money she owed him before checking herself into the hospital.

Rodney saves the day

She was lucky to have Rodney and Terrence from Raising Men Lawn Care Service who pledged to mow her lawn for free for the rest of her life and came to her aid.

Rodney and Terrence are the owners of Raising Men Lawn Care, a charitable company that offers free lawn mowing to the elderly, veterans, single mothers, and people with disabilities.

When Rodney originally established Raising Men Grass Care, he decided to take action after observing an older guy who was having a difficult time mowing his lawn. he had an inside thought. Then he pulled over, got out, and went to assist the man. In an effort to assist the elderly and people who have difficulty mowing their lawns, Rodney made a personal goal for himself to mow 40 yards for free after helping the man with his. What started off as a personal challenge evolved into a program with more than 400 young people from all over America who now provide free lawn mowing for those who are unable to.

The 50 Yard Dash

The 50 Yard Challenge was later invented by Rodney. which welcomed 50 persons in need and invited kids, teens, and adults from around America to mow their lawns. All that is required to participate in this challenge is to upload a photo of themselves carrying a sign that reads, “I accept the 50-yard challenge.” Then they immediately begin working.

“Now, suppose you had a young person in New York who accepted the task. We would offer them a white Raising Men Lawn Care Service T-shirt in exchange for them making a sign that reads, “I accept the 50 Yard Challenge.” further to eye and ear protection. After cutting up 10 lawns, they are given an orange shirt, followed by 20 green, 30 blue, 40 red, and 50 black. And when they turn 50, we fly over to take care of their lawns alongside them and gift them brand-new lawnmowers, according to Rodney.

In addition to providing assistance to individuals in need, Raising Men Lawn Care hopes to motivate young people. Boys and girls should have a good attitude while learning about kindness and compassion.

Rodney stated, “I’m simply trying to inspire them to go out and make a difference. There are too many children playing video games inside. And I think what I’m doing serves my purpose. I clearly recall asking God to use me as his vessel during a one-on-one chat we had a few years ago. Not a day later, not a week later, not even a month later did he respond to my question.


“I came encountered an elderly man mowing his grass outside in 2015, a few years later. I drove over and assisted him because it appeared that he was having trouble. I believed I could cut 40 lawns by the end of the winter at the time because I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree in computer technology. But I finished cutting 40 lawns so quickly that I raised it to 100. I eventually reached my 100th lawn a month and a half later, at which point I had the concept for raising men lawn care service.

Rodney wants them to understand the importance of what they are doing.

“I let them know how much of a difference they’re making. I recall one of our children, who had his public debut in Huntsville, where I currently reside. He initially expressed the sentiment “I don’t want to do this.” It was for an elderly man, nevertheless, after he had finished the first lawn. I therefore questioned him on camera how it felt to know that he had an impact. And he smiled broadly.

Oh, did you see his face just now, the man said. After I had done cutting his lawn, he grinned broadly and thanked me. Oh my god, oh my god. To watch his face light up after mowing his first lawn, for example, is priceless. And a lot of the youngsters are responding to us in that way. So it’s really great to see how a tiny concept can develop into something that motivates young people all throughout the country and even the world. said Rodney.

Recently, Rodney traveled to each of the 50 states to aid those in need by mowing their lawns.

“I made a plea to my fans before I started the tour. If they have any contacts in the towns and states I’ll be visiting. As a result, I decided which city I would visit in each state. Then I post it, and immediately people start submitting the lawns of veterans, single mothers, old folks, and individuals with disabilities. And that is how everything transpired. I cut three to four lawns on average per city. At times, there is more. Rodney clarified.

Raising Men Lawn Services has not only provided assistance to several individuals, but it has also demonstrated to them the continued existence of compassion and generosity.


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