Jenna Bush Hager is a devoted parent to her three children and has always dreamed of having a large family just like her parents did…


Jenna Bush Hager is a multi-talented lady who excels in a variety of fields. Even though she had a successful career as an author, TV personality, and journalist, all she ever wanted was a big family. Her supplications were granted, and she now raises her three children in accordance with the principles that she absorbed from her illustrious parents.

When her grandfather, George H.W. Bush, was elected President of the United States, Jenna Bush Hager and her twin sister, Barbara, were in the first grade. This made Jenna Bush Hager the First Granddaughter at the time. A few years later, when their father George W. Bush became President, their mother Laura Bush occupied the same seat in the Oval Office as the First Lady. At the time, the sisters were nineteen years old.

Jenna revealed in her book “Everything Beautiful in Its Time: Seasons of Love and Loss,” which is scheduled for release in 2020, how her family’s low-key existence underwent a complete about-face once her father was inaugurated as president.

The former First Daughter of the United States has stated that her upbringing had a feeling of normality as long as their grandfather was the president, but that all of that changed when their father took office in 2001. Since then, her childhood has been erased, and things have altered.

Jenna acknowledged that neither she nor her twin had ever reached that point of readiness. According to her, “we simply recognized the scrutiny that may come with living as teens at that period,” and she says that they were prepared for it. She went on to say that

“We weren’t really ready for what happened. I mean, it’s very evident that Barbara and I have both messed up in public, and for that I am so grateful that my parents have given us the freedom to do so.”

In a letter of encouragement that she addressed to the Obama sisters, the co-anchor of the “Today” program noted that she could connect to how they felt since she was the same age as them when their father became president of the United States of America.

She went on to say that the majority of children’s ideal way to spend their childhood is to have as much freedom as they possibly can, but the fact that they are always under observation makes this goal more difficult to achieve since it requires them to forego some advantages.

In spite of the challenges that come with being a public person, Jenna is thankful to her family for providing her with some unforgettable experiences that included the bonding of the family.

She made a point of emphasizing that they loved their grandparents’ and parents’ involvement in their lives, particularly on significant occasions such as Christmas. We are fortunate in that her “grandparents are very modest; they simply wanted uninterrupted time with their family, and they just wanted us to be around.”

In addition to the quality time they spent together as a family, Jenna’s dad also made sure to impart some valuable life lessons. He prepared her for dealing with rejection, which contributed to the development of her resilience.

When asked how she managed to have a public life despite the critics and online trolls, she graciously complimented her parents, stating, “I have the best parents in the world.” “I saw how my parents dealt with various issues while telling my sister and I, “Baby, it didn’t matter.” We are well aware that we are not like that. We are aware that we are not that individual.’”

At one point, she showed her dad a comedy sticker that was funny but also demeaning. It said, “A community in Texas is missing its fool!” The laughter of the former president was a sign that he had a healthy sense of self-esteem.

The Beautiful Jenna Meets Her Future Husband
Jenna revealed to her coworker Hoda Kotb that Henry Hager, who is now her husband and the father of their three children, was introduced to her by mutual friends in the course of a somewhat revealing interview about their first encounter.

Henry was employed by her father, and later, after being asked to attend a football game by his intern, who played the role of Jenna’s friend, he and Jenna had a passionate kiss. After some time had passed, the two of them finally went on their first date, but according to the previous First Lady, it was a very packed event. A small accident also occurred between the two of them. She was able to recall:

“The Secret Service was engaged in the worst first date I’ve ever had. Let’s just leave it at that. It happened when Henry Hager was there, and his vehicle ran out of petrol, rolled backward, and collided with a member of the Secret Service.”

In 2005, as was to be anticipated, the media learned the identity of the man the First Daughter of the United States was dating. When they inquired about the nature of their connection with the First Lady, she clarified that it was not a long-term commitment while simultaneously praising the young guy.

But it couldn’t have been farther from the truth. It seemed to be a real connection from the very beginning, and three months after they started dating, Jenna popped the question to her partner about getting married.

Henry, despite the fact that he loved her, rejected her because he believed that she was too young. However, five years later, he proposed the question of a lifetime by getting down on one knee and asking her!


They were engaged in 2007 after a breathtaking proposal that took place while they were on vacation at Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park. This came about as a result of Henry’s request for permission to her father, who enthusiastically consented to the couple being engaged. A fascinating conversation with the previous president revealed the following:

“The gentleman makes his way to my office and announces, “I want to marry your daughter.” I said, ‘Done deal.’”

The year after, at the age of 26, Jenna said “I do” to Henry and became his wife. In Crawford, Texas, the happy couple celebrated their marriage in front of over two hundred guests who had been invited to the family’s private ranch for the occasion.

Their ceremony took place over the course of the whole weekend. On a Friday, the couple hosted a launch lunch for a total of thirty people who were invited. Later on, Jenna threw a house party at Salado’s Inn, and she also went to a rehearsal dinner at the home of Henry’s parents. At long last, on Sunday, they were able to celebrate their nuptials in a setting unencumbered by formal rites.

Jenna, As a Mother and a Wife

Jenna, who fell in love with her husband at first sight, has been able to keep the same level of excitement, and the longer they have been together as a pair, the deeper their connection has been.

Five years after their wedding, the couple became parents for the first time to a little girl they named Mila. Poppy, their second daughter, was born to them in 2015, and three years later, in 2019, they welcomed their one and only boy, Hal, into the world.

Even though they have a large family, Jenna and Henry continue to put their relationship first. The television personality is known for being quite open about her affection for her spouse both onstage and through social media.

On the Valentine’s Day episode of the “Today” program in 2019, she surprised her audience by reading a letter to her spouse that would melt anyone’s heart. The author’s love was “basic, firm, and deliberate,” according to his description.

Having a large family may be challenging, particularly when both parents are focused on their careers; however, Jenna’s dream has always been to have a large family, and she is very good at creating memories with her children. Once, she disclosed to me:

“I value life much more as a parent and feel very blessed. The fact that I am aware of how great parenthood is makes it all the more enjoyable for me. I aspire to have a large family. We’ll have to wait and see what develops.”As she never stops focusing on her family, the former First Lady always exemplifies the values that were instilled in her by her own parents. Henry and his wife like putting on silly costumes and spending quality time with their children when they are not working.

In April of 2013, they had their first child, a daughter named Mila. Jenna went back to her job as an elementary school teacher not long after the birth of her daughter. She went on to explain that she hopes to instill in her daughter the belief that a woman may be anything she wants to be, but not all at once.

The new mother recognized that it was not easy, as she had to rearrange work in order to attend to her kid whenever it was necessary; yet, she never had any conflicts between work and parenthood.

Poppy joined the family two years after her sister, and in 2019, the couple brought their one and only boy into the world. This was previously revealed. She has continued to balance her career with her role as a mother, and up to this point, she has been quite successful in doing so. Despite the fact that her family has grown, she has not stopped working.

Although Henry referred to her as a “very strict mother,” Jenna is a huge proponent of allowing her children the same kind of independence that she had as a youngster. The writer recounted how her mother would not restrict her and her sister Barbara’s movement about the house when they were younger. In June, she said that if she had children, she would want them to be wild and free since they would immediately become independent. She fessed up to it:

“I want free-range kids. You are aware of the terms wild and feral. I wish for children with wild natures.”

Certainly, Jenna deserves the title of Mother of the Year! In addition to providing her children with essential life skills, she works hard to cultivate strong relationships between them and their maternal and paternal grandparents, the Bush family. They went to see her parents on their ranch in Texas in the year 2020, as soon as the epidemic began to ease off.

In the end, Jenna is transmitting the generational tie that she had with her parents and grandparents to her children while adhering to the same parenting standards as her parents and grandparents.

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