Stranger Snaps Photos Of Couple’s Wedding On The Brooklyn Bridge – Makes It Her Mission To Find Them.


Every couple has their own vision of the perfect wedding. Some picture big celebrations while others prefer quiet, intimate ceremonies. One July evening, Nevona Friedman was walking on the Brooklyn Bridge with her boyfriend when she noticed a beautiful example of the latter. With only a minister as their witness, a couple was exchanging vows as the sun set. They didn’t even have a photographer — so Nevon decided to snap a few shots herself.

Nevona didn’t want to interrupt their special moment, so she left without saying anything. But her photos turned out so stunning she knew she had to get them to the newlyweds. So she turned to Twitter, sharing one of the pictures in the hopes she’d find them.

“If you were getting married on the Brooklyn Bridge this evening, I’ve got some photos for you!” she wrote. And just a day later, she found them! Nevona’s tweet went viral, catching the attention of Nikolina Kovalenko and Stefan Ponova — the Brooklyn Bridge couple! Both were stunned by the incredible response to Nevona’s tweet. They had no idea their love was inspiring so many people! Stefan and Nikolina met last June in Colombia and went on to travel around the world together. They planned to tie the knot exactly one year later, but knew they couldn’t have any wedding guests because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. So they embraced the idea of a minimalist wedding on the bridge, sans photographer. That said, they’re grateful Nevona decided to step in.



“We realized that this photo symbolizes hope and celebrates love prevailing no matter what,” Nikolina wrote on Instagram. “We felt like our happiness became contagious, and more and more people were embraced inside this circle of love. We wish everyone to find a person with whom you look in his/her eyes-and you just know.”
For not hiring a professional, these two sure have some gorgeous wedding pictures! Congratulations, Nikolina and Stefan! Clearly, your big day was everything you wanted it to be and more.

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