Teen Walks To The Stage To Get Diploma, Then She S’ees Who’s Holding It


Graduation is an e’xciting time in the life of a teen. For almost their whole lives they have been in school working toward this big day, and finally all of that time and hard work is about to pay off!
Family and friends come together to celebrate and congratulate the graduate as they look forward to their bright future ahead. It’s a big day for everyone!

When Kayla Hicks was getting ready to graduate from Camden Academy Charter High School in Camden, New Jersey, she was so excited for the big day, but she was also sad that one very important person would be missing the ceremony.

Kayla’s brother, Zachary Hicks, is a specialist in the U.S. Army and is stationed in Germany. She knew it would be too difficult for him to get time off and fly back to see her, so she had accepted that he would have to miss her big day.


The graduates lined up – the girls in all white and the boys in black – and got ready to cross the stage and receive their diplomas. As Kayla began her walk across the stage, though, she looked up and saw something that made her instantly collapse in tears.

Waiting for her on the stage with her diploma in hand was Zachary! He had flown all the way from Germany to s*urprise his little sister on her graduation day. As Kayla crumpled into her brother’s arms, tears of joy streaming down her face, the audience sent up a big cheer! What a special moment that these siblings – and everyone else in attendance that day – will not soon forget.


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