9 Autistic Students Storm Stage With Routine So Gripping Not A Single Dry Eye Was Left In The Room


If it seems like talent and performance shows are all over, this is not your imagination. Not only are they abundant on American TV, but they are also popular in other countries. “The Greatest Dancer” is a show broadcast on the BBC in Great Britain. Its panel of judges has seen it all when it comes to dancing performances.

However, a recent episode showed that the judges are much more than critics or stoics who are ready to see the next big thing. This show is hosted by Alesha Dixon and judged by pop singer Cheryl, Matthew Morrison from Glee and Oti Mabuse from “Strictly Come Dancing.”

On a recent episode of “The Greatest Dancer,” a group called Autism With Attitude was waiting behind the scenes to show off their skills. The Autism With Attitude group includes several young men who go to a school for people with autism. Their school has a dedicated dance teacher.


These young men confidently walked onto the stage. They showed off their talent and performed in perfect unison.

You could tell that they were into it and were committed to doing their best. It was also clear that they had a lot of fun together and wanted to make their teachers and parents proud.

he audience was stunned. Most people do not think of dance skills when they think of someone with autism. These young men showed a high level of confidence as well as snappy moves with their feet.
The judges were wowed, too.

The gentlemen earned a standing ovation from the crowd, and they moved on to the next level of the dance competition. Chances are good that they will continue performing in a way that inspires everyone who watches them.


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