Dog waits weeks at door, not knowing family moved – then a hero calls them out


This is what your dog has been doing since you left him. You thought “out of sight, out of mind”. But for him, it’s “out of sight and on his mind”. He’s confused. He just looks up at you with those beautiful brown eyes and wonders what has happened. Where did you go?

This adorable sweet pup is named Cupid, and he just watched his family pack their bags up, jump into a car and move away. Can you imagine the uncomfortable feeling he had while watching them pack up? He probably wondered “why is no one packing up my bag?”. I’m sure the family had come and gone many times, leaving him behind. They had always come back. Maybe this is one of those times? But, sadly, it wasn’t. The family would never come back.

All Cupid knew was that he was at home and he would wait till the family returned to open the front door for him.Concerned neighbors eventually noticed the dog had been waiting around and no one had been home in a long time. So they called Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue. They told her about the pup that had been abandoned on a porch in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

What she discovered about the situation there left her so heartbroken, she felt she had to post to her social media feed:

“When I got there your dog was eating out of a dumpster. And when I tried to approach your dog he took off to his safe place.”

Cupid was so full of fear, he literally tried to break through the door, back into the house. “When I approached your doorstep , your dog frantically jumped up and scratched at the door – begging for you to let him in.” After some time had passed, and no one came back to open the door, the pup ran away from the porch.
“Your dog then bolted once again and ran down alleys. Away from me – the stranger trying to help him.”


Cupid, not sure what to do or where to go, returned to the porch. Janine, a loving stranger, spoke to the dog in a friendly voice and told him she was there to help. “Trust me” she said. And he did just that. She was there to help him find a forever home. “I cried as I put your dog into my car. And even though I probably sounded crazy I explained to your dog what was going on the whole ride home.” Cupid’s new home would be at the Esperanza Animal Rescue. Full of love and care, the people at the rescue would make sure the pup finds a sense of security once again. Once the vet gives him a clean bill of health, he’ll back on his feet and looking for a new family that will never abandon him again.

Janine is very optimistic that he will quickly find a new family because he is such a sweet boy. Always wagging his tail.
“I don’t think that will be hard to find because he truly is the sweetest guy.”

With a name like Cupid, this dog will certainly have a pull at your heartstrings.

Update from the rescue: There have already been over 50 applications to adopt Cupid.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing he’ll have a family soon.

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