Little Girl Takes Alone To The Stage, Silence The Crowd As Soon As She Starts Singing A Classic


Many would agree that children’s singing voices are pleasant to the ear, not because they are by definition “professional,” but because they are innocent, soft, and make us happy. Whether singing the alphabet or opting for “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” there is no nursery rhyme or children’s tune a parent doesn’t want to hear coming out of their sweet child’s mouth in a sing-song-y manner.

One 4-year-old girl, Sophie Fatu, proves just the opposite in that her singing voice is truly what one can classify as professional for a child like herself. After listening to her voice, one is left thinking, “How can such a little girl sing so beautifully?! Meanwhile, I’m several years older, and my singing sounds like a donkey with a sinus infection!”

Once curly-haired Sophie hit the stage in a clean, white dress, the crowd was blown away at her perfect pitch – no, not “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” – but to Frank Sinatra’s beloved classic, “My Way.” Who would have thought that a 4-year-old would choose this song? Her choice of the song may seem complicated and even unheard of for her young age, but she tackled it perfectly.

The little angel busted out the lyrics, and they came out like a true professional singer, with confidence and all. If you look at Sophie closely, you can tell that she’s not nervous at all. She’s comfortable in her skin, with her talent, and with the idea that thousands of people will be watching her on the internet. She knows she’s got what it takes to deliver an excellent performance, and that’s what she does.


If you have seen Sophie do other appearances on reality singing competitions, you will know that she’s a fan of the classic, especially Frank’s songs.Frank Sinatra would sure be proud and definitely as shocked as we are to hear how well-developed her young voice is at the ripe age of four. Fingers crossed that this deserving cutie gets a record deal!

However, Sophie is not the only talented individual in her family. Her mother, Victoria Fatu, is a singer and classical concert pianist herself. Now it makes sense how Sophie achieved her singing ability; it’s talent that runs in the blood and was surely built through lots of time, effort, and passion.To hear Sophie Fatu’s adorable singing performance, check out the video below. You won’t want to miss a second of it!


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