Man adopted as a baby reunites with birth mom and discovers they’ve worked together for years


Finding out you were adopted as a baby can be a shocking and difficult moment in one’s life, but what if you had known all along? How would you feel about the person who gave you up for adoption? Would you look for them? One young man had been raised always knowing that he was adopted.

Benjamin Hulleberg had been given up for adoption by his 15-year-old birth mother Holly Shearer after she realized that she could not properly take care of him due to her age.She met Angela and Brian Hulleberg and knew right away that they were the people she would give her son to. The Hulleberg’s could see in Holly how hard having to give the baby up was, and how much she loved him.

They sent her updates throughout his young life and made sure she knew what was going on with his developments.

However, when the adoption agency closed, they lost contact with one another. Angela and Brian did not keep Ben’s adoption a secret from him, he grew up knowing the circumstances of his birth.

“It was always a very positive conversation,” Ben said in an interview with Good Morning America, “It was either my parents expressing gratitude for Holly, or me talking about how grateful I am for her and how I want to meet her one day.”

Ben had tried to find her before, but he didn’t have much information to go on and was never successful in his search. Little did he know, however, Holly was searching for him too.

She had been able to find him through a Google search when he was 18 years old, but Holly didn’t yet have the courage to contact him.


Then, on his 20th birthday, Ben received a message from a stranger: “Happy Birthday.” it said, “I hope you have a wonderful day.” “Hi there,” Benjamin responded, “how do I know you?”

He was not prepared for the response that Holly sent.

She wrote about how 20 years ago she had had to make the difficult decision to give up her baby boy, and that he was that boy. Holly had to wait a long 12 hours before Ben could respond, as he was working at the time.

“Oh my God.” Ben responded, “Holly. You’re Holly.”

He was s.hocked but ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to meet her, he asked if they could have dinner together.Soon enough, Ben and Holly and their respective families were able to meet and get to know each other.

It turned out that the two of them actually worked together in the same hospital.

Ben worked in the NICU and Holly in the Heart department, so they had probably passed each other dozens of times without knowing it. Now, the pair are able to meet in between shifts at work and can start to get to know each other better, as adults.

There are thousands of children up for adoption in the country, if you feel like you have some extra love to give and want to make an amazing change in a young person’s life, think about fostering or adopting from the Adopt US Kids network.See the love shared between Brandon and Holly in the video below!

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