Bus driver takes action after spotting neglected girl waving from broken window of her home


Three young girls were saved from a potentially uncertain future by a bus driver who spotted one of them waving from a broken window. The driver’s quick action provided them with a chance to live a better life, and even after thirty years, the girls remain thankful.

Performing acts of kindness towards others can have a significant impact, and it’s often difficult to anticipate just how much it might mean to someone. The well-known saying “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about” has proven true in countless situations.

Kathy Neves, a bus driver, went above and beyond her duties to help one of her student passengers, and in doing so, she ended up changing the lives of three little girls for the better. Her compassion and kindness made her a second mother to the girl who desperately needed love in her life.

Developing a Soft Spot for the Little Girl
During their childhood, Amanda Joseph and her two sisters lived with their mother who struggled with substance abuse. As a result, the three children often had to fend for themselves.

Kathy Neves had already made up her mind to assist Amanda, even before she realized the extent of the challenges the little girl faced at home. Knowing that Amanda was only four years old and had to prepare for school on her own, Kathy wanted to lend her a helping hand.

Kathy went above and beyond her duties as a bus driver to help Amanda, including picking her up before the other students, providing her with breakfast, brushing her hair, and even giving her clothes from thrift stores. Their routine continued until the day when Kathy saw Amanda waving at her from a broken window.

Stepping In to Help
Kathy had previously cautioned Amanda to avoid the broken window, and when she saw her waving from it, she realized she needed to take action. She reported the situation to the school, and they contacted social services. Eventually, Amanda and her two sisters, along with a newborn and a one-year-old, were placed in foster care.

After spending six years in foster care, Amanda, along with her newborn sister Cassandra and one-year-old sister Krystal, were eventually adopted. Their mother, who had fallen ill, agreed to the adoption on one condition: that all three sisters would stay together.


The girls were adopted by a loving family who respected their mother’s dying wishes and ensured that they grew up together in a safe and nurturing environment.

Reaching Out and Reuniting 30 Years Later
After some encouragement from her church community, 34-year-old Amanda reached out to Kathy through social media, and her message was successful in reaching her.

After being encouraged by her fellow church members, 34-year-old Amanda decided to reach out to Kathy through social media. She shared her story on a Wednesday and was able to locate Kathy the next day with the help of people who shared their own experiences of Kathy’s kindness and guided Amanda in the right direction. They reunited over a meal, and Amanda brought along her one-year-old son.

Thanking Kathy for Changing Her Life
Amanda expressed her gratitude to Kathy during their reunion and thanked her for the positive impact she had on her life.

Amanda expressed her gratitude to Kathy, telling her how much she continues to inspire her to show kindness to everyone she meets. “Even though she doesn’t think that what she did was extraordinary, it meant a lot to me,” Amanda shared.

Amanda is grateful to Kathy for leading her to her adoptive family, who provided her with the best life she could have hoped for. She appreciates the family’s decision to take in three girls who had experienced so much in their young lives and says:

“Shout out to my adoptive family. They adopted three traumatized girls, and although they had one biological son, they didn’t have much experience. Now, I have a beautiful life with my adopted family.”

Kathy and Amanda have reconnected and intend to maintain communication. They were a significant part of each other’s lives in the past, and now that they have found each other again, they aim to make the most of the time they have left.


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